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BOUTIQUE AKC Chihuahua puppies for sale from a reputable licensed vet tech who has been a
chihuahua breeder of extreme applehead chihuahua puppies for over 10 years this website consists of
images. pictures, and videos of dollface mini Chihuahua puppies and champion sired Chihuahua Puppies
for sale offering AKC only, only puppymills sell CKC chihuahuas so they can avoid AKC inspections and
DNAing their dogs or having to keep any records to prove parents.  Chihuahuapups, we are Breeders in
Northern Californi., Teacup Chihuahua puppies are a myth we sell AKC show quality Chihuahuas that are
the standar AKC and Chihuahua Club of America deem to be 2 to 6 lbs, there is no such thing as micro
mini pocket puppies, the blue merle chihuahua never look like another blue merle chihuahua they are very
unique. People have called chihuahuas munchkinpups, teacups, pocket and micro minis. Our long coat or
long haired puppies come from Champion lines, short hair Chiwawas or Chiuauas are very popular, We
offer puppies for sale to approved homes,  I am located in northern California unethical chihuahua
breeders call chihuahuas  teacups, micro and mini  puppies, munchkin chihuahuas or dollface
chihuahuas also refered to as babydolls and extreme applehead chihuahuas you can see them on our videos online  Our Mini pigs are below 14" as adults.  Again there is
no such thing as a teacup potbelly pig
"Chihuahuas are
like potato chips,
you can't stop with
just one"
buying online avoiding scammers
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on keeping your Chihuahua puppy

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