Limited Health Guarantee

The 1 year limited health guarantee covers the cost of your puppy only. We are not responsible for the associated charges, such as shipping, veterinarian fees, mental stress, low blood sugar. 

This guarantee does not cover the following minor flaws or any condition that is minor and can be corrected by a veterinarian. 

We do reimburse for any medication needed at the time of the FIRST vet visit. 

We do not reimburse for vets putting puppies on medication without having done any testing. If your vet decides to do a fecal test at the initial visit and something gets missed, this is not our fault but the fault of your vet. We highly recommend you having your fecal sent out to an accredited laboratory of the Veterinarian's choosing (The outside labs do not charge anymore then what your Veterinarian is charging already for fecal test, they are just trying to save money). If something gets missed due to in house fecal examinations and your puppy ends up severely ill, you need to have the initial Veterinarian reimburse you for any associated charges incurred thereafter. 

We do not guarantee:

Open Fontanel also known as a Molera (A soft spot on top of the head), this spot may or may not grow completely closed in the Chihuahua. It is not a genetic defect but a unique feature of the Chihuahua. 

Sizes of adults: we give estimates based on size charts and previous litters of parents. Some Chihuahuas can just stop growing and others get larger than expected.

Trachea in small breeds do sometimes develop a peculiar cough, this is due to the collapse tracheal rings, it is also known as reverse sneezing. Usually happens when pup gets excited. Try not to use collars and only use harnesses to protect the delicate trachea.

Hernias (of any kind) unless life threatening 

Testicles (not descending)

Subluxation of the Patellas Grade 1 or 2 

To qualify for the limited health guarantee, You must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 72 hrs of the date of receipt of the puppy. (Starts at shipping or time of pick-up) This initial vet visit must be documented (including any and all lab results) and mailed or faxed to us within 7 days of receipt. 

Loose stools can be caused by stress of traveling and change of diet. Please remember to take a fecal sample with you to the vet to eliminate any and all parasite possibilities. Should the puppy be diagnosed within 1 year of any congenital/hereditary disorders which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life, short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppies life, we will provide the buyer with these options:

1. Should the buyer choose to keep the puppy and accept a partial refund, with the receipt of spay/neuter and return of AKC. papers, a refund of 50% of purchase price will be given less any shipping and vet. fees.

2. Should the buyer choose to give up ownership of the puppy to us, we will replace the puppy of equal value. We will not refund any vet fees and shipping charges. Shipping of the new puppy will be at owners expense. AKC registration papers must be signed with a transfer to us.

3. Should your puppy die while in OUR care, you can either choose to get a refund of all monies paid or get first pick of any upcoming litter. If the puppy dies in YOUR care, you will need to have a necropsy done to determine the cause of death, this is at your expense. If deemed during the necropsy the puppy died of a hereditary/congenital disorder we will be happy to replace the puppy of equal value, refund your purchase price, less shipping and any vet fees, or place you on a waiting list for first pick of upcoming litters. 

When it comes to shipping your Chihuahua to you, the seller (Fancy Paws Puppies) is in no way responsible for the death or injury to the dog or loss of the dog during transport to its new home. The buyer will need to settle with the airlines or ground transport company. We do furnish insurance during a flight for loss or death due to injury. We do everything possible to make sure the pup has a safe journey. We have never had an issue with shipping puppies. 

We reserve the right to ship when we feel your puppy/dog is ready and at our discretion. 
As of 2/2011 - We will no longer hold your puppy for an extended period of time. When we email you regarding your puppy/dogs being ready to go and do not hear from you for a period not to exceed 14 consecutive days, we will assume you are forfeiting ownership of the puppy/dog to us and all funds received to date. It is imperative that you make sure we have ALL contact information current for you as we will make every effort to communicate with you regarding your puppy/dog.

As of 11/15/2011 - If your Veterinarian chooses to offer you advice in nutrition or maintenance of your puppy within the first year, without our consent, we cannot be held responsible for your puppy’s health issues that may develop. We are here 24/7 for your puppy questions. We have researched many dog foods and know of many special tricks to get your puppy to eat if there is ever a problem. If you choose to listen to your veterinarian's advice and switch foods, not administer what we suggest, or fail to keep us informed your warranty is null and void! PERIOD. We have been raising and caring for these tiny dogs for many, many years. Yes, we understand Veterinarians are very educated (usually not in the nutrition area though) and you trust your Veterinarian as so you should, but we know what works for these little guys and we do not want them to undergo any undo stress due to diet change or lack of. I am a licensed vet tech and have worked with many vets who families trust and no way would I trust my dogs with them. Pick your vet wisely!

EMAIL, TEXT, CALL, SEND SMOKE SIGNALS! we are here for you 530-216-0177
Nuvet Vitamins are required during the term of this warranty. You will need to order these prior to your puppy going home. Nuvet will send me an email stating you have purchased your puppies vitamins. We recommend the powder as this is easy to mix in with any food. These are outstanding vitamins and very beneficial for the first year and beyond if you choose. We give them to your puppy daily in our care as well as our own dogs. 

By Placing a deposit on our puppies, you are agreeing to these terms.