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Puppies on this page are ready to go to their new homes.  Shipping is
300.00 extra if needed
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Pictures updated  10/15/2015
Finding the right teacup Chihuahuas for adoption for your family can be one of the hardest choices to make especially if
you live in a different state.  This is why it is always good to ask for videos of your puppy playing and in their natural
environement    We put movies of all our chihuahua pupppies for sale in their additonal pictures pages starting about 8
weeks so you can see them blossom.  Picking the right
tiny teacup Chihuahua puppies for sale depends on what you
expect from your puppy.  Ask the breeder many questions regarding your chihuahua this is a minimum of 15 year
commitment so making the right choice of
tiny toy chihuahua puppies is very important.  Long hair chihuahua puppies do
not require much upkeep.  
Beverly Hills Chihuahua was a great movie and a good example of the temperaments of
these litle ones
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(not sure of color)
Champion sired smooth coat girl
Additional Pictures

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Fancy Paws
Extreme tiny! 2lbs at 6 months
4000.00 Long coat blue merle
Additional Pictures