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Chihuahua Nursery
Our nursery of Chihihuahua puppies for sale.  These little ones will not be available to go to new
homes yet. Once they reach 10 weeks, we move them over to the
available page  
250.00 Deposit will hold your new Chihuahua puppy till they are ready to go.  Also, visit the
available page for puppies ready to go now

All "Pending" or "Sold" puppies are over on the SOLD PAGE

Puppies ready for new homes are on the Available page
Pictures updated on 7/10/2014       "Pictures updated weekly"
I am a AKC Chihuahua breeder with show and pet quality Chihuahua puppies for sale.  Our Chihuahuas are pre-spoiled and
come from loving parents.  We have 20 acres of land and a very nice, county inspected kennel.  We have also been inspected
by AKC and have passed with flying colors.  We do not consider the
Chihuahua breeds as Teacups, Mini, Micro, dollface,
munchkins or Pocket sizes.  All our puppies range from 2 lbs to 6 lbs in size and short stocky with awesome appleheads.  Our
Long hair Chihuahuas and smooth coat chihuahuas all range in the 2 to 6 lbs area.  The  long hair chihuahua isn't more of an
upkeep issue, they do not shed as much as the smooth coat chihuahuas.  There are no
teacup chihuahua puppies for sale, all
are toy chihuahuas ranging in the 2 to 6 lbs range
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Call 530-216-0177
Ask for Jen

Who is coming to the nursery?

Shadow/Vinny due Aug-expecting smooth/long coat merles


Making your deposit
Red spotted
Smooth coat boy
"Pending-Derek, Mass"
Additional Pictures


Making your deposit
Smooth coat boy
Additional Pictures